He’s Doing It Again

Jerry Nichols came from a small town in Oklahoma and grew up in a double-wide trailer on a little dirt farm. Though his beginnings were humble, his family taught perseverance, character, hard work and to help provide others with a hand up. Jerry excelled in school and was awarded a full-ride academic scholarship making him the first in his family from his father’s side or his mother’s side of the family to have a college degree. He went on to get his MBA from the Wall Street Journal’s #1 MBA School for International Business, then Wharton School of Business, then University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Within 8 years of graduating Jerry had built an empire in the financial services industry and sold his business earning over $2 million. Within 3 more years he did it again and earned another $2 million.

While he was working his financial services business he began a network marketing business that within 8 years he earned another $2 million! Now, he is doing it again. Just 9 months ago Jerry started Health 2 Money with Isagenix International and now has 9,636 new customers. They have generated over $4.5 million in revenues and received $1.53 million in compensation.

Go with a proven leader and business genius and learn how you can get your share of health and wealth. Go to Health 2 Money today and learn the secrets of Jerry’s 1-2-3 system for 100% confidence in your success. Then, go to  Isafun and click on the blue button Sign Up and Save! What are you waiting for? Get started today!


About Jerry on Health2Money
I am an executive with an internet-based food company in health and wellness. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Arizona with about $300 million in annual sales in 8 markets (US & Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong & Taiwan).

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