Easy Steps to Ease Joints

“Support your joints into old age with Isagenix.”

More than 30 percent of adults are in pain because of their joints, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (1). It may come as no surprise that the knee took the uncomfortable cake with 18 percent of adults reporting pain in this hinge space.

The knee, a hinge joint that flexes and extends the leg, bears a heavy burden that gets heavier with more body weight. Older adults who are obese are three times more likely to have knee pain than their normal weight counterparts (2). However, researchers have found that weight loss can prevent nearly one-fifth of all new cases of severe knee pain in the elderly.

Many Americans (at least 30 percent) have a hard time imagining a life without physical discomfort. For those chronically affected by disaffected joints, pain is a part of life. Rather than accepting the fate of a breaking down body, perhaps defy it. Living long and living well require a very active effort—unfortunately time, toxins, and stress will not relent, and so neither should you. While some cases of joint pain require more to correct the condition, little steps and a little proactive thinking may take your joints a long way.

Know Your Joints

Joints are primary places for pain because they are complex, multi-functional, and used a great deal. Three types of joints exist in the body: fibrous, cartilaginous, and synovial. Synovial joints are the most mobile and most common joints in the body—they are also the most prone to injury and pain.

Synovial fluid is a viscous gel within a joint space that reduces friction. With a high content of hyaluronic acid to attract and trap water molecules, the fluid functions as a lubricant providing pain free movement. While synovial fluid is continually synthesized, levels decrease with age and activity.

The other majesty of movement within a synovial joint comes in the form of cartilage—the cushion that pads the ends of bones. A connective tissue with a soft spot, the function of cartilage is not particularly noticeable, until it is gone. Years of wear and tear on bones and joints will whittle away this protective covering, resulting in something synovial fluid can’t prevent: a bone-on-bone joint.

Stepping Out of Pain

While weight loss is an important preventative measure for managing joint pain in overweight and obese adults, there must be a strategy for people of all ages wearing all sizes. In the U.S. alone, young athletes incur more than three million knee injuries each year (3). Total relief and protection must come in many suits, and as you may have guessed, Isagenix has a solution to arrest your pain and promote lifelong joint health.

Ageless Pain Relief Cream provides a fast-acting topical solution for joint pain relief. Including key ingredients like menthol and methyl salicylates, this cream provides immediate comfort to joints and can help put you on the path to greater mobility. Over-the-counter pain killers can help reduce pain, but when taken too often they may also cause problems. Give your liver and stomach a break and instead go straight to the source; Ageless Pain Relief Cream does not have to be ingested and metabolized so you can choose where it goes and which body part reaps the benefits.

Lifelong Joint Support

Glucosamine is a foundational ingredient that supports cartilage from the ground up. Combined with proteins that form the base for cartilage, glucosamine supplementation helps give this rate-limiting step a step-up (4). Chondroitin pairs with glucosamine in the formation of cartilage, mostly noted for its promotion of a firm and flexible structure.

Synovial fluid is more readily rejuvenated than cartilage, but taking it for granted could take the spring out of your step. Hyaluronan, the water-grabbing molecule found in synovial fluid, may help increase the fluid in the joint space (5). Building on what we know to build up joints, Ageless Joint Support is a triple-action support for protecting, rejuvenating, and supporting the joint.

Complete with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM (methyl-sulphonyl methane), and collagen, the major building blocks of cartilage, as well as hyaluronan to support synovial fluid, this supplement is part of the Isagenix solution to soothe and support.  Why take eight different supplements for your joints when one has everything you need?

Optimal joint support provides protection as well as relief. Isagenix provides a one-two punch to gain immediate relief while supporting your joints for a healthier tomorrow. Living with constant pain should not be the default. It’s time to get away from acceptance and move toward renewal.


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